Not only is GDPRQuick designed to help you create your GDPR-compliant documentation in super-quick time, we've got a host of features that help you change your business processes to comply with the new regulations.

Create your GDPR Documents now

GDPR Compliance with Ease

Create your GDPR documents with ease

Underneath the hood of GDPRQuick is a powerful engine that helps you to create your GDPR-compliant documents quickly and easily. We've decompiled the official regulations to make it much easier for you to understand, through a series of questions about your business processes. All you need to do is to answer Yes or No, and our system will build your GDPR Statement, Privacy Notice and other useful documents.

GDPR Wizard

Easy-to-understand GDPR Wizard

We've broken GDPR down into a series of questions about your business or organisation. Just answer Yes or No to each question and select the options that are relevant to your organisation, and our system will get busy in the background putting it all together for your GDPR Statement.

GDPR-Compliant Statement

Download your custom GDPR Statement

Once you've answered all the questions in the GDPR Wizard, you're ready to download your GDPR Statement, customised to your business practices. If at any time you need to update your statement you can do so by re-visiting the GDPR Wizard and edit your answers. Our system stores your answers so it's simple to edit any part of your statement.

GDPR Forms & Downloads

Download accompanying GDPR forms

To help you manage your organisation's compliance with GDPR, we have a whole suite of forms that you can download, making it even easier to comply with the regulations. From Controller-Processor Agreements, to Data Information Audits and Data Breach Forms, we've made it so much easier to manage GDPR.

Tasks to help you comply with GDPR

Create a list of tasks to help you comply

Very few organisations will be able to claim that they are in full compliance by the official date (25th May 2018). To help you to gradually change the way your organisation handles private information from your customers or users, you can store tasks that you need to complete at a later stage.

Create your GDPR Documents now

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